#VISION2030 – Business automation

We are halfway through 2020 and one would think that by now businesses have digitally transformed and a lot of their processes, workflows and day to day activities are now paperless. This is only but one aspect of going digital. Digital transformation may be actually a thing and happening for most businesses, but are companies actually succeeding at going paperless

Business automation/digital transformation?

With COVID19 having shaken things a fair bit, an important trend for today’s businesses is digital business automation. This is different from digital transformation which refers to the implementation of digital processes across the business. Digital transformation warrants a change in culture, with a need to rollout digital technology across the business. Things such as use of business analytics tools to spot trends, employing the DevOps way of working and the obvious one of migration of data to the cloud.

What does business automation really solve?

While situations may differ, generally the below can be solved with business automation;

  • automation of repetitive human work or tasks
  • collection and management of data with connectivity to digital applications
  • the ability to analyze and improve business processes for improvements with defined workflows
  • digitisation of business documents, with extraction and analysis of data while slowing phasing out a manual data capturing process
  • application of business rules while being able to audit the process to allow for decision making

How does this translate/rollout in Africa?

SMME’s and some large companies in Africa are not quick to adopt or embrace the very high costs that come with out of the box solutions for business automation. There are tools out there to assist with some solution(s) some of which are available from IT stalwart IBM who have an automation platform they launched in 2019. Another solution would be from Ultimus. Check out some workflow management pieces of software here.

Given that most business have been hard hit by this global pandemic (COVID19), what better time to have a tailor made solution that rids of any extra things you DO NOT need. That’s what Demakatso mean by people centred solutions. We will talk through your day-to-day processes, understand the pain points and then develop an automated solution tailor-made for your business.

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