Saas in eCommerce

Software as a Service or SaaS is a way of delivering services over the Internet. In particular, providing hosted applications. SaaS ecommerce platforms offer the fastest way of launching your online store while at the same time, saving your website’s design and development budget.

Why is a SaaS platform best suited for your business?

Over 40% of online stores are based on SaaS ecommerce solutions and 90% of all the stores use at least some form of SaaS service. With SaaS, it takes away the need to have development expertise or knowledge. All the work is really done via interfaces that in majority of the cases are a very user-friendly interface. Some offer drag & drop operations. All this means you SAVE on software expenses. You get a whole set of functionalities with the ability to get the perfect site, specifically crafted for your needs. Also, you will always be able to enjoy working on your website anytime, from any device imaginable and anywhere without painful additional software installations like you should be in the 21st century and beyond.

SaaS vs. On-premise platforms vs. Open Source

Like with anything, there are pros and cons to it. Some key areas of focus that need to be thought through prior to making a decision are maintenance, security updates & patches, scalability and cost. You can read more on these here.

What Saas solutions are out there specific to eCommerce do I have as an option?

There are many open source eCommerce platforms available online such as WooCommerce, OpenCart, Drupal Commerce, Prestashop and Spree Commerce to mention a few. The popular SaaS solutions out there superceed opensource due to the nature of the online shopping business. Leading the pack is Shopify by virtue of the number of vendors making use of it. You then have the likes of Magento Go (owened by eBay), Volusion, NetSuite, Demandware, Venda, BigCartel, Goodsie, BigCommerce and Virto Commerce as well.


Businesses can have many benefits from using SaaS applications. If you’re a business looking to prioritise features variety, integration and automation then you’re more than likely to get what you need most. If you want to have modern design and enjoy providing excellent customer experience to your clients then you will achieve these goals too. E-commerce SaaS platforms provide a good fit for the majority of your business goals online. Overall, SaaS platforms allow you to be realistic with your business strategy and deliver the most pleasant online shopping experience to your clients.

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